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China Mobile IoT Industrial Park

The site is located in the heart of the newest IoT technology district in Jianbei, Nanjing, on the west shore of the Yangtse river. The China Mobile IoT Park is the main innovation base for its East China region and Jiangsu branch. The park is key to creating a leading China Mobile IoT eco-system, an interactive and coordinated development of the IoT sector’s long-term goals and data resources.

The future modern workplace will require greater adaptability to allow for the seamless integration of work trends, which is the L.E.A.F. principle (Learning Environments for Adaptive Futures) and the underlying spirit of the new China Mobile campus.

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Project details

More than a place of work, the China Mobile L.E.A.F. campus represents the brand’s ambitions and celebrates the brand’s promise of infinite futures. The design approach adopts the “leaf” as an organizational guide that contains a series of high-performing, efficient buildings. The efficient structure further extended to the multiple dimensional circulations and spaces.

The architecture embraces the local nature and cultural heritage features, an extract from Chinese parasol trees, the surrounding landscape, and traditional courtyard architecture. The facade system was developed to provide a simple systemized shell with shading devices on the external face.

The density of these shading elements was then modulated to respond to the heat loads mapped onto the facades. Four levels of shading were designed to respond to these climatic conditions, reducing the heat load while providing a recognizable but subtle variation across the buildings.

Nanjing, China
608,000 sqm
6,544,500 sf

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