Sheer Urban Glass

Three minimalist towers create an urban complex within the emerging financial district of Hangzhou.

Bodi Center

Sitting adjacent to the Olympic Sports Center, the Bodi Center will directly connect to the Yingfeng Station on Metro Line Two as well as underground access to the rail system. The project’s sheer glass surfaces are covered by vertical mullions to reinforce their height while their curved corners help the aerodynamic impact and surrounding views.

Project details

Located alongside the new Qian River Century City Station and main artery connecting to the historical city, this project holds a key gateway position within the masterplan for the new emerging financial district of Hangzhou – Wanxiang Century Centre.

Comprised of a diverse mix of uses, the project integrates 160,000 m2 office spaces, 30,000 m2 business hotel, 20,000 m2 serviced office and 14,800 m2 of retail, as well as parking and inviting open spaces to form a vibrant and vital addition to the city.

The concept for the project is threefold: to maximize access to daylight and views, to create a powerful composition of towers and a timeless integration of materials. The composition of the 3 towers and their relationship is read as one harmonious unity and the formal expression is one of growth as the top of the tower curves back to face the sky like a blade of grass.

HangZhou, China
Bodi Holdings Group, Ltd.
114,000 sqm
280 meters
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