Sharp Connections

Towers in Melbourne’s Docklands are Destination Spots for Locals

888 Collins Street

Located at the corner of Bourke and Collins Streets in Melbourne’s Docklands, this project is slated to be Victoria Harbour’s tallest towers. The first is a 15-story, podium-style building alongside the second, which is a 40-story tower offering sweeping views of the nearby Bolte Bridge and Port Phillip Bay.

Project details

Together, the two mixed-use multifamily complexes provide 578 apartments with access to shops, cafes, restaurants, and parks. The Collins Street side features three small commercial office suites at the street level, reinforcing the commercial nature of this area, along with a total of 760 square meters of retail space at the intersection of Bourke and Collins Street.

On the Bourke Street entrance side, visitors and potential tenants alike will find residential areas at ground level with extra amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium and library. This area was specifically meant to not only provide a place for residents to gather but for other community members to feel like this is a destination for them as well.

Melbourne, Australia
Lend Lease
40,000 square meters
Completion Date

The two complexes provide 578 apartments and are conjoined by the same ornamental, geometric façade.

The first of the towers built is a podium-style building supporting 15 stories of condominiums and amenities.