Heritage Catalogue

Our proposal uniquely builds from the heritage fabric to form a prestigious, luxurious residential tower that is linked to the significant past, present and future of the commercial and retail offerings below.

77 Market Street

Mixed UseUnbuilt


In 1938, the opening of the David Jones store made a permanent change in the life of the city. But it did not emerge fully formed and it took over three decades for the store we see today to be completed. In particular, two storeys were added by 1947 and a further two by 1969. This measured and organic process has resulted in areas from different periods, built in different materials, and with different significance. This joint competition entry with AL_A saw the re-visioning of the site into a true mixed use program.

Project details

There are many elements that combined to provide the unique essence of the historic department store. It is part of our duty to sift through the archaeology to see what is original and what has changed, what was intended and what was built, what is sacrosanct and what is amendable. With that knowledge, we can more assuredly grasp the opportunity to write the next chapter and reinvent the store for a new generation and a new Sydney. It is our responsibility to preserve and to look to the future, to protect and breathe new life with renewed purpose into our historic places.

Sydney, Australia
36,500 sqm
392,882 sf