2177 Third Street Apartments

Reflecting Artistic Character of Industrial San Francisco Neighbourhood.

Located in the up-and-coming Central Waterfront District of San Francisco, this seven-story condominium complex aims to raise the residential architectural vernacular while embracing the character of the surrounding industrial context. Its prime location on the 3rd Street corridor will allow its residents to enjoy the unique artistic character of the neighborhood while providing immediate access to downtown through the adjacent public light rail system.

Its private roof terrace surrounded by two landscaped green roof elements will boast views across the historic piers and off to the stunning San Francisco Bay. An internal, private landscaped courtyard will embrace the aesthetic of the local dockyards while adding privacy to the adjacent units and create a truly unique gathering space for the residential community. At the street, transparency through highly glazed operable openings, variation in wall plane and careful integration of landscape elements presents a pedestrian friendly and visually active frontage.

The key to the building’s sustainability is in the intelligent design of the exterior wall system that will integrate shading elements directly into the mullion cap extrusions and horizontal metal fritting embedded within the hi-performance glass.



Align Real Estate


San Francisco, California


154,400 Sq Ft


Currently in Design

Completion Date



Mazen Aziz, John Britton, Hannah Cao, Guion Childress, Shima Sahebnassagh, Melissa Williams

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