Beach House

Reinterpreting the essence of a classic Queenslander for vertical beach house living

123 OBR

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Guided by the simple brief to reinterpret the essence of a classic Queenslander for ‘vertical beach house living’ Woods Bagot’s design for fourteen homes is characterised by three key concepts:

  • The separation of public and private functions, into living and sleeping ‘pods’
  • A permeable facade, with access to landscape and greenery
  • Arriving at the Verandah: a space which mediates the transition between public and private, but is also designed as habitable breezeway – an indoor/outdoor dwell space that takes advantage of views, light, and the sub tropical climate
Project details

The architecture of the slender tower is defined by sculpted, raft-like balconies – articulated slab edges that mimic the sand, shaped to provide privacy, but still maintain views and amenity.

Entrance directly into a timber lined breezeway is a contemporary interpretation of the ‘welcome’ of a traditional Queenslander  – a typology synonymous with the Gold Coast. Walking through this space to reach your front door is what makes the homes in this development so special. Mediating the transition between public and private, these habitable breezeways with oversized, sliding windows – indoor/outdoor dwell spaces – take advantage of views, light, and the sub-tropical climate.

The intention in designing 123OBR is for the interior design to complete the architecture, the two articulating ‘one hand of the designer’ in a cohesive concept with an unrivalled level of consideration, detail, and craftsmanship. 

The finishes and detailing are derived from a sense of relaxed luxury: a contemporary interpretation of a simple beachside home with all the elegance and consideration of a bespoke home.

Gold Coast, Australia
Expected Completion


Lizzie Gill is a mixed media artist. Her work explores retro nostalgia in a contemporary context. Through a variety of mediums she illustrates a time warp, composed of everyday life, human agency and the disingenuous. The disingenuous nature of her work pertains to one’s ability to mislead through dress, speech or manner. Growing up in the digital age, this deception is often conducted behind a series of computer screens. This manipulation is also evident in her process. Her canvases are comprised of mixed media and oil, a process first approached through digital collage and then translated onto canvas.

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