1 William Street

Sculptural Tower Provides Connectivity Along Brisbane River

The new commercial office tower at 1 William Street was designed to accommodate the Queensland Public Service while providing a symbol of its strong sense of purpose and identity.

Positioned on the banks of the winding Brisbane River, the form of the tower reflects the river with its glazed façade. Throughout the day, the cladding also reflects the changing colors of the sky. A sharp chamfer facing outward towards the state of Queensland defines the crow of the tower, creating a striking visual profile. There, guests can access the splayed rooftop terrace to experience the sub-tropical climate and enjoy unparalleled panoramic views of the city.

Conceived from the inside-out, a full-height atrium enables a non-hierarchical, inclusive work space. Connectivity on and between floors was a key driver to fulfilling the brief, with a variety of workspaces delivering both individual and team-based activities.

Drawing inspiration from the Queensland landscape, the finishes scheme echoes the natural environment, bringing the outside with colour, materiality and texture. Building on a neutral base palette of cream, lightly stained timber and grey tones, each level of the building moving up the tower takes cues from native flora and fauna.



Aiming for connectivity

The project now provides a much-needed connection within the city that previously did not exist between the Botanic Gardens, Brisbane River, and street level leading into the workplace. At ground level, the building is lifted so that the building appears to float over a dynamic network of pedestrian and view corridors that connect the site to its surroundings.

The unique collaborative central core allows extraordinary daylight and 360 degree views. With the sky garden on one side and the laneway connections through the core, the design team created a new type of central core, which provides:

  • Collaborative space
  • Circulation flows that respond to workplace ‘desire lines’ and functionality
  • Concentrated spaces for quiet working
1 William Street’s forecourt and ground level will be a welcoming place that physically and visually connects the development to surrounding streets, precincts, gardens and the Brisbane River.


A message of symbolism

The form of the tower is angled away from the Brisbane central business district so it sits sensitively within the immediate context but also looks outward to the interior of Queensland.

Collectively, these spaces are used by the public and embody a distinctive Queensland style.

1 William Street is the missing link in Brisbane’s cultural pedestrian loop. Before, the site was a very low amenity for  pedestrians, cyclists and ferry commuters into the Garden Point education and government precinct.

The proposal for 1 William Street supported the renewal of this area by creating a new civic destination and surrounding public spaces with their own unique offer to the people of Queensland.

"The dedication and devotion of our employees led to the completion of the largest commercial tower in Brisbane,”  Nik Karalis, Chief Executive Officer, said. 

The ideal workplace

The innovative central core floorplate allows for interior to be a porous, usable environment, creating a complete floor solution instead of the traditional central core solution.

Large floor plates allow flexible and efficient office layouts ranging from 1,607 square meters to 2,086 square meters with minimal columns and core intrusions.

Internal access between floors can easily be delivered to meet tenant needs. The building design gives the impression that floors are interconnected. A unique ‘collaborative central core’ brings daylight and 360 degree views into the building, and there is the potential for three-level sky garden atrium on one side of the space.

Overall, the design promotes a collaborative space that is a modern and effective platform for creating the ideal workplace.



Cbus Property


Brisbane, Australia


119,977 sq m



Completion Date

October 2016

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