Woods Bagot designs Shimao Shenkong International Centre in Shenzhen


The event kicked off with speeches by Vice President Wu Ling Hua, Vice President Tang Ming and General Manager Wang Guo Xiong of Shimao Group. Well-known economist Mr. Fan Gang spoke as well, and shared his views on economic trends related to China’s urbanism and the development of the Greater Bay Area.

Located in the Longgang District of Shenzhen, Shimao SIC will cover 320,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 1.36 million square meters. The design team approached the scheme of Shimao SIC by studying the urban context as well as integrating the city’s natural landscape. “Integrating Nature to Redefine the City’s Soul” became a key driver for the project.

While the concept of a mountainous landscape influenced the development of the towers, the lifestyle retail center will be seen as a valley connecting the towers and taking inspiration from flowing water. The collection of towers is interconnected at the base with retail, culture and leisure offerings, as well as car parking and direct links to public transportation, both below and above ground.

Woods Bagot Principal and Regional Design Leader for Asia Steve Trstenjak participated in the Shimao SIC press conference and delivered a presentation entitled “Reshaping the Aesthetics of the World” which relayed the design vision for this groundbreaking project that will fit seamlessly into the landscape and embrace references to the natural environment.

Principal and Regional Design Leader for Asia Steve Trstenjak presenting “Reshaping the Aesthetics of the World” at the Shimao SIC press conference.

As Masterplanner and Architect for Shimao SIC, Woods Bagot will design a benchmark for commercial vitality and create a fully integrated, liveable environment. The masterplan combines several standout elements including a 700-meter super-tall tower designed by Chicago-based architecture firm AS+GG, a 150-meter office tower, 200-meter, 250-meter and a 300-meter residential tower, an integrated lifestyle retail center, a cultural and entertainment hub, and various art and gallery spaces. Woods Bagot will be commissioned to design the 250-meter office tower and retail podium.

The outdoor retail boulevard will become one of the highlights of the project. It will form part of a circulation system that provides shoppers and visitors with a retail and entertainment environment while bringing commercial value to a 24-hour accessible venue. The Central Plaza will be a large-scale public space connecting the entire development, also enhancing the business value. Above the Central Plaza will be the panoramic sky deck, a 360-degree hovering ring offering high-end dining, a sky bar and sightseeing opportunities.

“Woods Bagot is very much looking forward to creating this new urban complex that differs significantly from traditional business developments. Shimao SIC integrates the urban environment, incorporates local culture and artistic features, and is innovative and forward-looking in its design and lifestyle offering,” Steve Trstenjak said.