Woods Bagot tall and supertall tower expertise expands to include 15 new projects in China

Within that time, with a Global Studio approach, the firm has expanded the pedagogy of tall towers and urban connectivity.

The firm’s approach is unique within the profession because the Tall Building knowledge base is not relegated to a single expert. Rather, a collective range of expertise across the firm is engaged. And because Tall and Supertall buildings are part of large, complex, mixed use developments, the firm’s sector experts in workplace, residential, hospitality and retail are called upon as well. By spreading  the discussion across our 16 studios, we are able to deliver the best solution.

Woods Bagot’s approach supercedes iconic form-making and instead provides problem-solving, functionality and ultimately successful tall buildings.

Below is a round-up of the projects that have elevated the Global Studio’s practice in Asia and a glimpse of what’s to come.

Chongqing Tower
Chongqing, China
431 meters
Completion: Expected to be built by 2022

Anticipated to be the city’s tallest structure while uniting a block-wide mixed-use development, this supertall tower will be comprised of retail, commercial offices, residential apartments and a five-star hotel. Its unique exterior, characterized by tapered massing, is a direct reflection of the balanced relationship between the façade, building core, and the programmatic requirements.

Xiangjiang Fortune Finance Tower
Changsha, China
325 meters
Completion: Expected to be built by 2020

Based off of a “canyon scheme,” the design uses the strong axiality and gentle transitions between narrow and open spaces found in nature’s canyons to enable wayfinding within the main podium. Important site considerations, such as the changing site grade elevation, connectivity to the subway, and views to the Xiang River, emulate the erosive activity of the river and offer varying internal and external spaces and experiences. Once completed, it will become one of Changsha’s most recognizable civic buildings.

Shimao Commercial Center
Nanjing, China
300 meters
Completion: Expected to be built by 2020

This project will be the impetus of the local government’s vision to revive the historic Jiangdong business district. An interconnected system of eight anchored environments reference local monuments and provide a pedestrian experience for visitors at ground level while the construction offers views to the nearby Qinhuai River.

Sheraton Hotel
Wenling, China
300 meters
Completion: Expected to be built by 2021

Anchoring the Wenling’s western peninsula, this development serves as a destination for both local residents and business professionals. Embracing its natural wetlands to the northeast and the cultural district to the south, its sustainable technologies and strategies provide a link between the two neighboring sites.

Bodi Center
Hangzhou, China
280 meters
Completion: 2018

Three minimalist towers create an urban complex within the emerging financial district of Hangzhou. Sitting adjacent to the Olympic Sports Center, the Bodi Center will directly connect to the Yingfeng Station on Metro Line Two as well as underground access to the rail system. The project’s sheer glass surfaces are covered by vertical mullions to reinforce their height while their curved corners help the aerodynamic impact and surrounding views.

Vanke Longcheng Square
Shenzhen, China
211 meters
Completion: Expected to be built by 2020

This multilayered complex includes varied public spaces linked together by landscaping and public podiums. To reinforce the architectural identity, the design team conceived a series of five staggered-height towers—the tallest of which is 211 meters—and rotate them by 45 degrees to allow for transparency. Chamfered vertical edges reinforce the vertical expression and create a sense of cohesion.

Sunshine Insurance Financial Center
Beijing, China
205 meters
Completion: Expected to be built by 2020

Challenging the conventional square footprint apropos to most towers in the area, this headquarters’ ground-level podium takes inspiration from a lotus flower with a bulbous form and an open ceiling that encourages plantings in the garden. Its adjacent tower has commercial amenities as well as views to CCTV and China World Trade Center.

Manila Office Tower
Manila, The Philippines
164 meters
Completion: Expected to be built by 2021

Emphasized by the façade’s vertical ornamentation, this commercial building in the Makati Financial District will provide a network of green spaces and public art exhibitions for the wider community while emphasizing connectivity with flexible planning to achieve a harmonious workplace.

The Metro Park Chongqing
Chongqing, China
163 meters
Completion: 2014

Sitting atop an inverted retail podium, this orthogonal design takes advantage of its site by maximizing exposure and views. A garden at the ground level garden weaves through the site to maintain urban links with surrounding areas.

Sunshine Insurance Finance Plaza
Sanya Bay, China
160 meters
Completion: 2018

This 34-story flagship for Sunshine Insurance Group is a catalyst for the coastal location’s burgeoning economy. Offering a 270-room luxury hotel and 18 stories of office space, the main tower is complemented by a series of low-scale garden pavilions and multilevel podiums that provide a community link for neighboring areas. Its curved shape and exterior blades on the façade helps to disperse heat from the strong Western sun on either side.

Sunshine Insurance Headquarters
Shenzhen, China
160  meters
Completion: Expected to be built by 2020

Situated along the western coast of Shenzhen Bay, the project occupies a prime position within the city’s master plan and includes a complex system of green corridors, elevated walkways, and loggias.

Shenzhen, China
150 meters
Completion: Expected to be built by 2021

The 30-story tower is comprised of both residential and commercial office and sits on top of a two-story retail podium adjacent to a public plaza. To maintain the area’s active street frontages, a series of internal retail passageways have been interwoven throughout the ground plane to connect nearby sites.

Guohoa Financial Center
Chongqing, China
150 meters and 123 meters
Completion: 2016

Providing uninterrupted views of Chongqing’s downtown across the Jialing River, the key design purpose was to provide premium office spaces for its tenants and a place that felt a part of its community. A pedestrian bridge was installed to provide a link between the two towers and is maximized for its users as well as nearby buildings to allow for consistency in the skyline.

Hong Kong
113 meters
Completion: 2010

The 25-story tower’s exterior is a Cubist articulation, showcasing how matter filters light through its simultaneously opaque yet transparent material. The building has activated Causeway Bay’s shopping centers and retail lifestyle programs.