18 Sep 20

Sarah Kay speaks to Western Sydney Dialogue

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated thinking about different ways of working. Our Where Do We Work From Here? modeled four scenarios of Covid’s impact on how people work and workplace design. 

Director Sarah Kay takes the thinking further in an interview about opportunities in Western Sydney to adopt the ‘community node’ model which proposes decentralising companies’ headquarters and opening up nodal hubs in the suburbs.

The model envisions people working in quality workplaces located closer to their homes – “a far more equitable option across the community” and which dovetails with the NSW Premier’s planning focus on “place, people and community” to stimulate investment, jobs and community benefit. Have the past six months been the catalyst we need to launch the true potential of Sydney’s nodal centres? Or do we need to do more?

Sarah also flags Woods Bagot’s forthcoming Streets Ahead report which has alignment with the NSW government’s Streets as Shared Spaces initiative. You won’t want to miss it.

DigitalDialogue: Western Sydney Unfiltered

Western Sydney Unfiltered is a series of short interviews with some of Sydney’s big thinkers, bright minds and most influential voices tackling the big policies and major projects, in one-on-one sessions. Woods Bagot’s Sarah Kay was in conversation with Faith Halliday, Executive Director, Strategy & Engagement at Taylor Street Advisory and Special Advisor, Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue. Previous Unfiltered guests include Alex O’Mara, Group Deputy Secretary of Place, Design and Public Spaces | NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment and Romilly Madew AO, Chief Executive | Infrastructure Australia.

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