01 Jan 21

CREDO-ISMS: 10 Actions and Behaviours for Everyday Use

Every vision requires action. The 10 CREDOisms are the behaviours we collectively adhere on a daily basis in order to bring the CREDO to life.


Find your voice

Pinterest is not research. You can’t educate yourself about what the world needs. You need to experience it. Explore concepts, cross reference ideas, create new perspectives. Find your voice.


Become a multi-lingual thinker

Remove your prejudices and a new world of opportunity will open up. Disconnect from yourself and everything you have learnt with a bias. Become multi-lingual through the perspective of others: client, community, passenger, patient, parent, student, shopper, guest, employee, artist, designer.


Have a client service mentality

They can spot any blemish and see behind the veneer of lackluster preparation. The only way to shift from advisory to trusted partner is with respect and trust. Enjoy their company and listen to them.


Listen with intent

Listen with intent in order to better understand and allow people to complete what they need to say and create a safe environment for them to say what they really think.


Consider the safety and wellbeing of the planet and its citizens

Take every opportunity to lead the way for environmental, social and economic sustainability. Every decision should consider the safety and wellbeing of the planet and its citizens.


Work across all scales

Across cities, streets and buildings everything is interrelated and coalesces to create an expansive cognition. The experience of any space is beyond any singular specific scale. Work across all the scales to better understand how cultures emerge.


None of us is as smart as all of us

Knowledge is not finite. It is forever compounding. Collaborate by embracing a dynamic space where  the conflict among ideas is tested and resolved. Connected human super brains will out-perform any data farm. They can deal with more complexity than ever imaginable by any one individual.


Let ideas breathe

Ideas are fluid. Come up with many options and continually test them against agreed criteria. Throw them around freely until they stick. Set traps to catch them and if they don’t happen, wait and come back. Studios are spaces of study, experimentation and making.


Dive deep into problem solving

Ask more questions, become confused, suspend then find clarity. The deeper you go in discovering the source of the problem the more likely you are to add value. Embrace the honesty of data. It may tell us what we don’t want to hear, but it shouldn’t make apologies. Avoid it and you risk not dealing with reality.


Package every idea with a purpose

Everything meaningful has a narrative. The hardest thing is to justify it and to write it down convincingly for others to understand its foundations. Each project needs to be described as a story that connects users, clients and design as equal actors along the journey.