Hong Kong studio receives the Caring Company Award for 7th consecutive year


On winning for the seventh consecutive year (2013-2019)Hong Kong Studio Chair Jango Wong said:

“We have worked consistently over the past few years to foster a culture of responsibility and respect – between our people as well as towards the community and environment we live in.”  

The studio’s CSR initiatives and commitments include: 


  • Celebrating Wood Bagot’s team spirit, promoting employee wellness and work life balance
  • Caring for the community and environment  
  • Inspiring the next generation  


Director Stephen Jones extended his thanks to the colleagues behind the social responsibility initiatives and culture for this achievement 

“Woods Bagot China Region has been working seriously to make a positive impact in the community, our industry and within Woods BagotOur commitment to our communities and people is one of our core values, and we embrace our corporate responsibility through many activities that support the community.  Woods Bagot strives to create shared value through the socially responsible activities we undertake with our employees, our clients and collaborators, the communities in which we live and work, and the planet we inhibit. We want to demonstrate the behavior of a caring global corporate citizen.”