An Excerpt from Cities of Transformation: Sydney on How Technology Disrupts the Real Estate Industry

Technology is disrupting our property industry in a number of ways. The tech industry and its impact on cities and real estate, tech disruption changing our tenants’ businesses, and the technology that is changing our buildings themselves. How are these changes manifesting themselves in cities around the globe, and how does Sydney compare to other Cities of Influence. 

Tech City UK was launched in Shoreditch in 2010 by the UK Prime Minister to support the East London Tech cluster known as Silicon Roundabout. Under Juliette’s stewardship and through programs and policy work, Tech City has accelerated the growth of digital businesses in London and across cities at all stages of development. 

In New York WeWork has become the single largest real estate tenant in the city. Proof that tomorrow’s tenants are looking for a different model in the way they engage with Real Estate. Chas Peppers has worked closely with Miguel McKelvey (the founder of WeWork) over the years helping to design buildings to support the evolving WeWork model. Chas will explore the changes to the way developments are coming to the market and being leased in one of the world’s most influential cities. 

Globally our tenants are changing, even the large corporates are exploring ways to create, small, agile, connected and virtual offshoots – mimicking behaviors of a tech start-up. What does a tech start up really look like? What is its structure? Does this represent the business model of the future? 

Michelle Gilmore is the founder and director of Neoteny, a Creative Experience Company, founded in 2010. Michelle’s company is based on a ‘virtual product’ her staff and clients are comfortable interacting in a predominantly virtual world – space and stability are not important concepts to a company like Neo. 

Agility and global creative networks are. Is Neo an example of our tenants of the future?
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