University of South Australia Future Learning Space

Designed to Test New Ideas in Course Delivery and Learning Styles

The Future Learning Space at the Engineering Faculty at the University of South Australia is an experimental project which is designed to test new ideas in course delivery and learning styles, the creation of learning communities and ways of attracting and retaining students.

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The University put aside a 520-square-meter space that is to be developed into a highly flexible student learning area for first year engineering students. The space will be available for the exclusive use of these students and will serve a range of functions including a 24 hour study access, collaborative learning area, lecture space and a public event space. This flexibility is achieved via the open plan layout, moveable and adjustable furniture and operable walls.

The Future Learning Space is to be reflective of the University of South Australia’s strong equity policy and may form the blue print for the roll out of a series of Future Learning Spaces in faculties throughout the university


University of South Australia




Adelaide, Australia

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520 square meters