The University of Melbourne School of Engineering Student Learning Centre

Innovative, Adaptable Environment Responds to Teaching and Learning Shift.

The redevelopment of University of Melbourne’s existing library into a Student Learning Centre (SLC) embraces the new Melbourne model of teaching and has contributed to the university’s on-campus experience.

The SLC fosters the idea of a community of learners and celebrates the tradition and excellence of the Engineering Faculty, acting as the life and centre of the faculty.

The redevelopment facilitates collaborative learning by providing a number of formal and informal spaces, acting as a point for interaction and social activity in an adaptable environment.

It includes two pivotal classrooms – each accommodating classes of 60 students – and associated formal and informal study areas. These formal classroom settings are designed to support collaborative learning approaches. While the informal study areas provide a place for students to continue work after class, to work in groups and as individuals, or a place simply to socialise.



The University of Melbourne


Melbourne, Australia


1,120 sq m



Completion Date

February 2008

Approx value

AUD 2.2 million 


The redevelopment of the existing library into a Student Learning Centre (SLC).

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