The Australian Science and Mathematics School

Smart Building Part of Sustainable Design for Science and Maths School

The Australian Science and Mathematics School (ASMS) is a comprehensive senior secondary school, situated on the Flinders University Campus in Adelaide. An innovative, internationally recognised centre for research-based teaching and learning, the school specialises in sciences and mathematics and acts as a catalyst for advances in teacher preparation and professional development through education, business and industry partnerships using new and emerging technologies and enterprise initiatives.

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The building design reflects the international standards and philosophy of innovation by incorporating best practice in environmentally sustainable design and intelligent building concepts. To meet this objective a “mixed mode” air conditioning system is installed with the option to operate with either a full fresh air economy cycle or solely by natural ventilation using the low and high level louvre system in the facade and central roof lights.

The facade also incorporates active sun screening systems and advanced glass technology to minimise solar gain and maximise natural lighting. Natural daylight is monitored and linked to intelligent controls system. High efficiency light fittings are automatically switched off when daylight levels are adequate or areas are unoccupied. Intelligent building controls also respond to climatic conditions and occupants’ requirements to optimise comfort conditions and minimise energy use.

The output from the building control system is linked to the school intranet, providing information on the performance of building active and passive systems. The normal systems outputs are enhanced to provide additional information, such as building energy consumption, external temperatures, facade temperatures and building movements through strain guages.


The Australian Science and Mathematics School




Adelaide, Australia

Completion Date



4,000 square meters


2007 CEFPI Exhibition of School Planning & Architecture Award