Sunshine Insurance CBD

Skyscraper Adds Elliptical Form to City’s Central Business District Skyline.

Blooming from the industrial scape that is the Beijing Central Business District, Sunshine Insurance’s new headquarters takes inspiration from the lotus flower and challenges the square footprint of other traditional tall towers.

The Sunshine building which is located in the heart of Beijing’s CBD is formed by starting with a typical square footprint that slowly morphs into an elliptical form. It prioritises view corridors to the northwest, looking towards CCTV and China World, as well as to the southeast, facing the greater CBD skyline. The more conventional footprint towards the base lends to a typical office lease-out condition for multiple tenants, while the more unique footprint found on the upper floors is more conducive to Sunshine’s needs as a single tenant occupant.

The crowning piece features a 34 meter diameter globe set within the top five floors, with club, museum gallery and observation deck. Reminiscent of the Sunshine Insurance logo, this inhabitable sphere will serve as a glowing point of reference throughout the new CBD and the greater Beijing skyline.



Sunshine Insurance Group


Beijing, China


90,000 square meters


In Construction

Completion Date



2015 Asia Pacific Property Awards, Office Architecture China, Highly Commended

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