Creativity and Efficiency Key in Workplace Designed by Fluid Exchange of Ideas

The Oxigen fitout was realised through an open and free collaboration between the client, interior designer, designer-maker and builder encouraging the fluid exchange of ideas and sketch details. The project was an opportunity to re-engineer traditional notions of what the workplace is and how the physical environment can affect creativity, efficiency, and how good an environment the workplace can be.

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Planning was arranged to connect the work area both with the street (‘shopfront’) at the front and a new courtyard to the rear. What is traditionally labelled the ‘boardroom’ became a transitional space between inside and out which opens up to welcome in the street.

Custom-built timber benches replace traditional commercial work stations, providing an uncluttered, open work environment. Meanwhile a number of alternative work settings include open lounges, team tables and an upper level studio space created for meetings, model making and display, research, discussion and debate, entertaining, or just being alone.






Adelaide, South Australia

Completion Date



400 square meters