Leisure Mix

Olympiyskiy Sports Complex, built in 1980 for the Olympics, is one of Moscow citizens’ favourite places for leisure activities and remains a significant part of the city environment.


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The aim for the main stadium complex is to create a world-class leisure centre for the people of Moscow. This opportunity involves introducing the heroic stadium of Moscow’s Olympic heritage to a new generation of leisure consumers. The integration of shopping areas, supermarkets, entertainment areas for children and young people, public catering facilities, a cinema centre, an observatory and a club concert venue will ensure this consumer aim is met.

Project details

Connecting landscape through to the internal space of the stadium became a strong concept for this project as the organic forms of nature influenced the architecture. The curved forms of the aquatic centre and the stadium allowed for a playful touch to the immediate surroundings, offfering ramped pedestrian routes and skate parks in the wider public spaces.

Moscow, Russia
Sports Complex Olympiyskiy
15.78 ha

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