Nan Tien Bridge and Learning Plaza

Facilitate A Seamless Learning Opportunity For Students

The Nan Tien Bridge and Learning Plaza will link the Nan Tien Institute and Cultural Center to the iconic Nan Tien Temple—the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere. Located in Berkeley on the southern outskirts of Wollongong, Australia, the Nan Tien Bridge is the final piece in the Buddhist community precinct.

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This new infrastructure project will provide a connection between or the two sites while also making the entire area a tourist attraction. Inspired by Buddhist philosophy, the design features extensive landscaping representative of the religion’s environmental canons that at the same time offer a space conducive to reflection and collaborative learning. The project will also house a kiosk and shops embedded into the entry points of the bridge.

The design is a cultivation of “Humanistic” Buddhism—a new religious movement that focuses on integrating Buddhist practices into everybody—which welcomes visitors to be immersed in its environment and culture.


Nan Tien Institute




Wollongong, Australia

Completion Date



4,600 square meters