Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication

Research Building Features Highly Specialised Clean Rooms as Pods Within Larger Pavilion.

Located in the Melbourne suburb of Clayton, the 3400m2 Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN) is a multi-user research facility, operating the largest purpose-built cleanroom complex in the Southern Hemisphere.

Built on a green field site within the Australian Synchrotron Precinct, MCN is designed specifically to accommodate the inter-disciplinary research work that incorporates office and cellular team-based workplaces, laboratory spaces and highly specialised clean rooms which are the core of the total facility, where highly sensitive equipment and apparatus are used for the investigation and preparation of nanoscale structures and materials.

The clean rooms feature air-filtering and conditioning specified to the highest standards to provide ultra clean air, tightly controlled and stable environmental conditions for the efficient and successful operational requirements that will be demanded for Nanofabrication research. The clean rooms essentially follow the ‘house-in-house’ principle, being individual rooms or pods within an overall enveloping outer larger pavilion building.



Melbourne Centre


Melbourne, Australia


3,400 sq m



Completion Date


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