Jinyu Vanke Plaza

“Gift Box Retail” for Innovative Shopping Plaza.

Vanke Group’s first shopping mall has opened in the heart of Changping District, Beijing. Simple and elegant in design, the world-class 104,400m² retail plaza is an outstanding example of thoughtful retail planning coupled with innovative material application.

A key design feature is the plaza’s vibrant façade. An integrated diagrid lighting system allows the building’s exterior visualisation to evolve over time.

With a light and airy configuration, three distinct ‘gift boxes’ define entries into the plaza’s atrium. These separate the massing and organise it into three unique spaces, stacked together around a common corridor. Each box is highlighted and expressed uniquely based on its interior function through the use of different materials and textures which project an alluring presence under varying lighting conditions.

Integrating retail exposure, a unique customer experience, a signage strategy and exemplar lighting into the main facade design scope, the successful outcomes for the client are visible through the high leasing rates and customer footfall rates.

Vanke Plaza offers a new destination for the people of Changping, providing intangible social benefits to the community.



Vanke Group


Beijing, China





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