Hangyang Admiral City Mall

Unique Strategy and Redesign Repositions the Hangyang Admiral City Mall

Located in the financial district of Nanning — an important gateway from China to Vietnam and Southeast Asia — the Hangyang Admiral City Mall is newly repositioned as a lifestyle hub for its surrounding community, offering over 150,000 square metres of retail shops and international supermarkets, plus a cinema and ‘Masterjoy’ food court that brings together people from all social strata.

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With the opening of a new metro line with direct access from its lower levels, the decades-old Hangyang Admiral City Mall was in need of an update. Property owners Guangxi East Hangyang Investment Group engaged Woods Bagot for its expertise in retail design to reposition and reliven the space — the largest retail space in central Nanning. In particular, with an enlightened perspective of how retail design done right can serve as the heart of a community, the client hoped to tailor the space to enable spontaneous encounters and the hosting of cultural events and performances.

A particular problem area the client identified was the dark and imposing environment of the basement levels. With their recent connection to the public transport system and the attendant upsurge in visibility, it was time to dramatically recast this entire zone. In addition, a reactivation of the space in the Eastern wing was necessary, as foot traffic was markedly lower than in other areas. Woods Bagot had only 18 months to realize all of these changes, and to successfully reposition the mall.

The renovation has brought a tangible sense of excitement to the people of Nanning, patrons and tenants alike. Designed to attract a diverse range of clientele, from families to business professionals to travelers, the repositioned mall incorporates a wide range of retail, F&B and entertainment options, all within a pleasant ‘interior-scape’ ambience.

Transformation may be an overused term in architecture, but it surely applies here. The reactivated space has become a lifestyle hub and platform for the community, just as its owners desired.


Guangxi East Hangyang Investment Group




Nanning, China

Completion Date



150,000 square meters



Asia Pacific Poperty Awards 2016-2017 Retail Interior Highly Commended

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International Council of Shopping Centers – China Shopping Center Awards 2016 Design/Development Category Renovations/Expansions Finalist