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Located at the apex of the series of piers that define the Doha port, the site is both an introduction to the city and a terminus to a journey through a growing cultural quarter.

Doha Grand Cruise Terminal



To live up to its prime location, the Doha Grand Cruise Terminal sets out to create an exemplary piece of architecture that captures the imagination of the adventurous cruise traveller whilst personifying the best of what the modern Arabian Gulf has to offer.

Project details

The site is part of a larger masterplan that redefines the Old Port as a new cultural hub. Strict cost, climate and time constraints influenced the development of a modularised scheme that is efficient to construct, whilst respecting a rich local architectural history.

Located on the pier that previously housed shipping containers for the Port of Doha, the new Doha Grand Cruise Terminal will serve, at any given time, two cruise ships of 5,000 passengers each.

To create a venue that has the potential to generate revenue during the non-cruising season, and to take advantage of the infrastructure already required to support the cruise functions, the site also includes a National Gallery and model museum, aquarium, and event venue. The architectural form is an assembly of arched structures capped by a perforated roof and punctuated by gardens and viewing galleries. Modulations on this
theme create a dynamic landmark at the end of the cultural pier and bring the 600-meter-long structure down to the human scale.

Doha, Qatar
Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy