China Southern Airport City

Woods Bagot Creates the Airport City of the Future.

Planning for the land not in spite of it, China Southern Airport City will revolutionise the concept of master planning.

This one of a kind airport city designed by Woods Bagot includes not only the headquarters for airline China Southern but also all the infrastructure needed in order to foster and grow their ever expanding business.

Derived from the natural layout of the intended site as well as Chinese tradition the masterplan uses the natural bend in the Lui Xe River in order to help determine a defined centre point for the project, a grand ‘ring’ as seen from above.

The China Southern Headquarters is the central heart of the ring, which radiates the spirit of life towards the west and east sites.

A design of such a large magnitude involved designers from all around the global in order to produce a perfectly balanced and truly revolutionary masterplan.



China Southern Air Holding Company


Guangzhou, China


3,800,000 sq m



Completion Date


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