Brand Studio: NEO Limassol

The Soul of Cyprus

NEO is a full-service brand platform and lifestyle concept tailored for a new luxury mixed-use development in Limassol, Cyprus.

People live their lives through curated moments and personal spaces enriched by the environment. NEO is designed from the inside-out by looking closely at the nuanced nature in which people use and live in spaces with an intimate understanding of the sublime nature of Limassol. The architectural design philosophy is based on luxuriating in spaces connected by breezeways and vistas whilst allowing for shaded enclaves to enjoy all Cyprus has to offer.

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The NEO campaign includes a premium and luxury-oriented identity, logo, website and sales journey told through print, digital and film, all to capture the ethos of this new lifestyle product for Limassol.




Design Process


Limassol, Cyprus

Completion Date



135,000 square meters