Bloomage Art City

Creating Different Zones of Activities and Features Across Chengdu Art Village.

Chengdu Art Village is a mixed use development comprising office, soho, residential and public facilities with a core attraction of 400m long cultural retail street. The distribution of public green area across the site is designed to enhance the amenity and exposure of the individual plots to pocket parks and to central green spine. Art attractions and pavilions within this public green area create different zones of activities and features across the site. Landscape bridges are also a feature that creates greater pedestrian connectivity through the site. The architecture is inspired by local vernacular architectural traditions by the way of form, material and patterns that enhances the cultural and art branding of the site. Stone screen façade systems and landscape elements transiting from retail podium stone walls up to towers were designed to create consistency as well as give variation in the overall look of the masterplan.



Bloomage Longxi Investment Co., Ltd.


Chengdu, China




Under Construction

Completion Date


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