1200 Van Ness

A Mixed Use Project in a High Density Environment Striving for Connectivity

The 194,000 square foot new mixed use building at 1200 Van Ness is located just blocks away from the city’s Civic Center. The site is currently developed with 3 buildings ranging from three to five stories all built in the early 1900s.

The total residential space will be roughly 99,000 square feet with 96 condo units, each ranging from 800-1,100 square feet. The remaining 95,000 square feet is slated for commercial and retail space. Currently in design, the project will include amenities such as a rooftop garden, a zen garden and yoga studio, multi-functional spaces, a dog grooming area, bike parking, and an exercise room.

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After an exhaustive study of programmatic arrangement and allotment on the site and its best value (during concept), the client determined the highest value of the site was to build it out in a single phase with 3 primary components: 1) Garage 2) Medical Office 3) Residential. This became the project’s functional diagram which is held together by the connective tissue of a highly engaging ground plane and rootfop garden that cater to the public and to native users alike.

What we discovered was that the most efficient core for parking, office, and ground floor access also allowed for the most efficient residential floor plate. It allowed for the greatest number of units, more variety of unit types, and provided far more GFA than all other schemes explored. Additionally, it provided the most desirable roof garden and amenity space.



Van Ness Post Center, LLC


Design Development


San Francisco, California

Completion Date



194,000 square feet

The tower’s location during Concept was diagonal to our residential neighbor (1285 Sutter) and thus preserved some of its adjacent air space. After factoring in other considerations (city’s comments on neighborhood scale and temperament, among others) our finalized massing anchored the tower on the corner of Van Ness and Post St. The process of compacting the tower further, reducing its apparent mass from Polk St, relating it to inflection lines at the podium all became part of the podium development process.