Dr. Jo Dane

Principal, Education Strategist – ERA-co

Jo Dane is a principal working within User Strategy for ERA-co, with a specific focus on Higher Education. Jo’s passion is finding ways to improve the student experience, through the combined pillars of pedagogy, design and technology. Jo is an active researcher, consistently publishing papers and presenting at conferences for over 10 years. Her PhD research culminated in the development of the ‘Effective Teaching and Learning Spatial Framework’ which uniquely unites educational and environmental psychology theory. She has been researching new generation learning environments for over fifteen years, bringing the dual perspective of educator and designer to every project.

Jo brings a wide breadth of experience and expertise to ERA-co, including project briefing, accommodation scheduling, master planning, concept design, academic workshops, data analysis, consultation etc. She specialises in new generation learning environments, designing and analysing university libraries, academic workplace research, and the future of university campuses.


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