Francesca Birks

Global Insights Leader

A design strategist, facilitator, planner and cultural producer with decades of international experience in design, engineering, media and advertisingFrancesca Birks knows how to transform data into understanding. 

As Woods Bagot’s Global Insight Leader, Francesca identifies and synchronizes theories and design explorations from around the global studio and weaves them into research opportunities and thought leadership that help shapthe future of design – sharing them generously to chart a better path forward.  

Whether she is helping to provide insight into how to redesign our streets to improve our quality of life, envisioning the transition from fossil fuel to electric mobility, or exploring a future in which discipline-focussed buildings are a thing of education facilities past, Francesca identifies the next steps towards intelligent, empathetic, and empowering long-term decisions   

With specialties that include creative strategy, facilitation, planning, ethnography, conceptualization, content strategy, cultural analysis, writing, communications and researchFrancesca is a people-centric leader believing in empowerment to maximise delivery and motivationAware of the burdens placed on future generations by those that came before, Francesca believes in analyzing qualitative and quantitative data to help uncover preferred design futures – providing answers to tomorrow’s problems today.