Woods Bagot Et Al Launches New Alchemy

July 3, 2018

Global hoteliers and designers descended on the Arts Club in London on Monday, June 18, 2018, to celebrate the launch of Et Al, a new collaborative platform that will transform luxury hospitality.

Hosted by Woods Bagot and Sleeper Magazine, the event introduced Et Al, an amalgam of the world’s best and most skilled hotel practitioners. Often, different entities compete for the same project. However, Et Al proposes to bring these entities together in a new, optimized assembly. Collaborators in Et Al will include Woods Bagot, Yabu Pushelburg, AVROKO, and Gilles & Boissier, among others.

“Traditional design delivery methods for luxury hotels are failing,” said Catherine Martin, Managing Editor of Sleeper. “The next evolution brings together creativity, branding, styling, and procurement.”

Underscoring the point, Woods Bagot CEO Nik Karalis suggested that Et Al advances authenticity and curates new experiences that are in high-demand. Working with Woods Bagot experts and external connoisseurs, Et Al, “is creating an alchemy that elevates the front of house, back of house, guest rooms, food and beverage, wellness, styling, and branding. We’re at work all over the world creating this transformational value,” Karalis said.

Edwardian Hotels’ Creative Director Rob Steul, part of the Et Al stable, predicted that “the line between service and operations and delivery will disappear.” In doing so, Et Al blurs the formerly constrictive delivery method and, instead, offers a distinctive, holistic approach to luxury hotel design and experience.

Woods Bagot Et Al’s Creative Director Wade Little confirmed that the new platform offering resolves the current dearth in the market. “The demands of the modern luxury traveler require that they be treated as individuals, so a traditional approach doesn’t always work. Et Al covers the complex ecosystem and delivers at the highest and, before now, unimaginable level. It’s this intersection of design and service that enhances memory.”