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Woods Bagot Co-Hosts Global Design Sprint with BuroHappold in Kuala Lumpur.

March 27, 2017

On 2 March 2017, Woods Bagot, along with BuroHappold, an international, integrated engineering consultancy, co-hosted the Global Design Sprint on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) at the Kuala Lumpur studio where BuroHappold is co-located with Woods Bagot.

"Woods Bagot has been really excited to be part of this global event with Burohappold,” said Associate Principal Matthew Gaal. “Bringing together a varied group of people here in Kuala Lumpur from government, private sector and other design firms was really interesting and it gave a diverse perspective on the effect CAVs will have on our built environment."

What is the Global Sprint? 
The Global Design Sprint aims to bring people with diverse backgrounds and expertise and provide a platform to invigorate innovative design thinking in response to a specific question or problem, in which the question was tackled in the context of Kuala Lumpur, where the Global Design Sprint was held. For this outcome-driven event, problem solvers were allotted four hours. 

The Question? 
How can urban streets be reclaimed and reimagined through the introduction of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV)? 

The Approach 
A 6-step approach was undertaken and served to guide the team through the process, helping them get organised and structured, from brainstorming and selecting ideas to designing a solution. The method targets the following: 

  1. Understand what we already know 
  2. Define and set the focus 
  3. Discover and explore the key themes 
  4. Decide and select the best idea for the challenge 
  5. Design and develop a concise design together 
  6. Validate the design by analysis and rating  

The outcome of the Global Design Sprint will be a series of images presenting solutions to the same question. BuroHappold plans to undertake a series of Global Design Sprints in cities across the world, setting the bar on delivering fresh perspectives and solutions to the question. BuroHappold will publish the different solutions, film presentations of the best ideas, and present the different perspectives at a Happold Foundation Cities Conversation event.

For more information, visit BuroHappold's website on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and visit Kuala Lumpur CAV Design Sprint for more.

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