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Shareholders “SuperScale (Me)” Conference to Kick Off in Shanghai, October 28-30.

October 24, 2016

Three days of insightful presentations, thought-provoking workshops and productive engagement and feedback at the 2017 SuperScale (Me) Shareholder Conference is set for October 28-30, 2016. Over fifty shareholders and invited guests will be attending the leadership event. 

“Our goal is to transform our vision into reality and explore how we can begin to embed it in the way we live and work,” said Chief Executive Officer Nik Karalis.

The trilogy of conferences encompasses three “Super” themes of “SuperCharged, SuperScale (me) and SuperSize (us)”. SuperCharged determined the development of vision and core values in 2016. SuperScale (me) focuses on the individual and translates the vision into a personal reality. Finally, SuperSize (us) is about Woods Bagot’s next trajectory, in scaling up and leveraging the business to deliver consistent quality work anywhere in the world.

“At Woods Bagot, we include our Principals' aspirations to set the annual strategy. This year we will also hear input from our Associates group, Clients and Design Board chairman to provide an external perspective of our brand position," added Karalis.

Following the event, we will be sharing the outcomes and include you in the transformation.

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