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Principal Ray Yuen on Transformative Spaces Breaking Boundaries.

March 3, 2017

Woods Bagot Principal Ray Yuen gave a unique and in-depth lecture on his experience as an interior designer at China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) School of Architecture. His presentation titled, “Transformative Space” delved into the transformative space that breaks the
boundaries between workplace, retail and hospitality and how all these components will merge in the future. 

“You can work and play anywhere anytime,” said Yuen. “It is just a touch of your mobile technology. A singular program space will become less common.” 

According to Yuen with the advancement of technology, activating and attracting people to physical retail, work and leisure space poses as a continuous challenge for architects and designers alike. Workspace now and into the future is less about the desks and meeting rooms; it’s about creating organic and evolving spaces and keeping it simple. 

Transformable and multi-function space activates social interaction as different users connect via different functional needs. The goal is to design an ‘activated’ space, resulting in social trend and behavior that engages all users. 

Yuen added, “I still have no idea which design style or sector I want to develop…because we are designing transformative spaces that connects social behavior. Design aesthetic is only a small part of our projects, creating the right user experience that aligns with our client’s vision and conviction is the key to a great project.” 

In 2016, Yuen was also invited as a guest tutor at CAFA’s School of Architecture for the final year of interior architecture students.

 About China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) The Central Academy of Fine Arts is located in Beijing. It is respected as one of the most prestigious art & design academy in China. It is one of the most selective schools in the country and turns away more than 90% of its applicants each year. The school have nurtured quite a lot of pre-eminent artists and designers in the past 90 years. 

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