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Australian Design Review Catches Up with Chief of Operations Larisa Moran.

October 13, 2016

Australian Design Review editor, Madeleine Swain, catches up with Larisa Moran, Chief Operating Officer, to discuss what it takes to keep our practice running smoothly across five time zones. 

"I didn't really appreciate until I got in here how complex the organisation was because it spans so many geographies, so many time zones, and has so many different sectors of expertise," said Moran. "And with that comes a whole lot of challenges in trying to connect and trying to manage such a vast, diverse organisation." 

To watch the video, click on the image below or click here.

On Infrastructure and Risk

Moran also discussed risk and infrastructure with Australian Design Review. Her role at Woods Bagot was to really focus on bringing the infrastructure in line with the growth trajectory.  

Principal Bruno Mendes was also interviewed on the relationships at Woods Bagot, especially between management and the creative. 

"We have been using a three-legged stool model whereby projects require three particular skill sets – those that focus on management, others on design and others on technical,” said Mendes. “The issue with this set-up is that it creates very distinct types of people who focus on their specific responsibilities. In the last year or two, personally, I’ve been trying to break down that kind of management because I think it’s really important to create the all-round individual. At the end of the day we as designers or managers need to care about design and management. I think the two are fundamentally connected.” 

Read the article here.

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