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International Women’s Day 2021

Spotlight – Rosina Di Maria

Principal Rosina Di Maria uses her platform at Woods Bagot to drive industry change – actively promoting opportunities for the sustainable business growth, career development and economic participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within the architectural, design and property industry through listening, action and collaboration.


Why we need global, collective intelligence.

A design strategist, facilitator, planner and cultural producer with decades of international experience in design, engineering, media and advertising, Francesca Birks knows how to transform data into understanding. 

Woods Bagot’s “Re-Charge LA” proposal uses an electric mobility hypothesis as an opportunity to reinvigorate and re-energize the future of our infrastructure and create high-quality and evolving community-oriented places.


Portrait – Short Lane

We sat down with Ash, one of the residents of Short Lane to learn more about how she’s leveraged her home during unprecedented times.


Spotlight – Nadine Kassab

In May 2020, Nadine Kassab was chosen from a pool of hundreds as one of 20 UAE Ambassadors for Nature 2020.


Toward a “Parking-Lite” City

In recent years, a transportation revolution has been quietly brewing in Los Angeles—the city known above all others for its love affair with the private automobile, and the way of life that accompanies it.