Activate Our Community with a Successful “Mixed Use” Engine.

A mixed use development blends residential, commercial, entertainment and retail, where the physical and functional become integrated. These factors are perceived as more complex than a corresponding single function schemes because of its large-scale development that highly impacts the neighbourhood and the complexity of the planning 

Establishing a clearly shared vision of the mixed use development concept is the first step to success. It is our responsibility to place human experience at the centre of our design process to deliver an engaging, future-oriented project to the city. We should always consider what we can provide to the community instead of taking the nature away by erecting concrete buildings.

An effective masterplan that fully respects the heritage of the neighbourhood; a clear, costed and phased delivery structure and strategy that returns value to the investor and developer; a flexible and highly-efficient space plan that keeps quality tenants and a dynamic and contemporary environment that attracts visitors—all these factors add up to the solid foundation of the excellence of the project. 

Taking the 256,800 square metres under construction mixed use project - Gemdale Time Centre - as an example, the vision for this development is to establish a new lifestyle centre for Kunming City, becoming the ultimate destination. Featuring human-scale retail streetscape designed to encourage exploration and interaction, it will create a central gathering place for the region throughout the seasons. 

Gemdale Time Centre will boast a sustainable community, continuous connectivity and an environmentally friendly atmosphere married with mixed-use spaces such as offices, retail, residential and supporting facilities. The design successfully integrated the multi-function components through a dynamic retail strategy, attractive circulation flow, nature-infused landscape and consistent architecture language. 

The central engine hub and several key anchors, associated with the top-level terrace and sunken plaza, were inspired by the natural characteristics of Green Valley. The retail environment is broken into terraces by solid massing blocks, which encouraged the maximum retail attraction and public space access, whilst maximising the retail and F&B exposure.

The design took full advantage of the local climate, to create a comfortable balance between the indoor and outdoor experience with varied bridging connection techniques. The curved form and ribbon panels tighten the entire development of different components into one harmonious overall image and created a dynamic identity and bold brand.

We create a commercial hub that activates the city. We create a public realm that brings a healthy lifestyle to the residences, a green activity space to our social world.


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