Forward Festival 2021 has arrived.

Our annual staff Forward Festival now enters it’s second year. What was a response to the limitations to gathering in 2020 has become a much anticipated yearly event. Departing from previous innovation and vision orientated festivals and Principal workshops and instead explore the influence and ambitions of our talent residing within the organisation.

We are experiencing a profound change in the focus, values and priorities of our teams. To discover and unleash the latent skills within our organisation and shift towards the Practice of the Future, we will engage with representatives of our studio’s to define what the leadership team can do differently to be more in tune with these new critical influences.

The 2021 program


It has been a WOODS BAGOT tradition to bring the leadership team together annually to discuss the cultural fundamentals that unite us, build comradery and set the course for the next fiscal year. While this year has presented us with some unique challenges, in true WOODS BAGOT spirit we look beyond the limitations to expand our connectivity to move forward. See our Keynote speaker Chris Sanderson present below.

Sit back and watch our keynote speaker Chris Sanderson discuss Post Covid Opportunities.

The 2020 program

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