We are shifting the focus of design to a more human-centred experience. People want spaces that are more tailored to how they live.

Christian Derix
Christian Derix
Director, Woods Bagot SuperSpace

Analyzing The Way We Live

Superspace: explores the dynamic relation between space and people through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), spatial cognition and data spatialization to develop algorithmic design systems that can operate and inform architectural and urban environments.

Superspace can develop proprietary data models and specific project tools to understand and predict user behavior, allowing evidence based data-backed decisions to inform our design.

SuperSpace Services

  • Spatial Analysis
  • Behavioural Mapping
  • Data Visualisation
  • Design Methodology
  • Algorithmic Design
  • Digital Masterplanning
  • Research
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Case Studies.

Big Data

We see the world of possibility that exists in our ability to map and gather data across scales, whether it be for cities, economies, clients, buildings, or end-users.

Analytics & Research

We dissect and manipulate data with our tools that leverage computational analysis, artificial intelligence, and behavioral mapping algorithms.


Our team of multidisciplinary design experts apply cross-sector knowledge to expose opportunities for clients and communities. This enterprise thinking responds to economic, environmental, and experiential drivers.


We deliver, through a vast array of services, human-centred design processes.