Great Southern Rail Platinum Club

Premium Rail Travel Given a New Lease on Life.

The reimagined Platinum Club Lounge for Great Southern Rail (GSR) sets a new benchmark in quality for Australian rail tourism. The train carriage lounge is a finely tailored space that has resulted in a world-class environment, which endeavours to span the ages, invigorate the senses and slow time.

The upgrade of The Platinum Club Lounge set out to deliver a new offering for Great Southern Rail with the goal of aligning the company’s physical assets with their premium tourism brand aspirations, positioning GSR as a leader within the global luxury travel market while complementing national tourism strategies.

The creation of a unique guest experience was placed at the heart of the design solution. Repositioning luxury rail tourism in Australia, the contemporary design respects and builds on the rich heritage of Great Southern Rail. 

In a bold move to reimagine their ageing rolling stock, Woods Bagot worked closely with the passenger train operator to reinvigorate the national icon, resulting in a refurbishment that has delivered an image of luxury. The lounge was designed to be easily maintained, to grow old gracefully while improving on current operational performance. 

The restrained and highly measured palette is intrinsically linked to the landscape it explores. The view and colours of the countryside are considered as an ever-changing extension of the material selection,  consciously allowing the vistas of the Australian Outback to be the hero during the day, while evening settings allow the softness of internal spaces to imbue a sense of luxury and glamour.

Curating a flexible space that could be adapted throughout the course of a journey was paramount to the project’s success. Designed to change personality in order to accommodate meal times as well as lounge functions, while being a public extension of the passenger’s suite, the design illustrates innovation on a compact scale. Adjustable lighting levels and directions coupled with window treatments allow the space to change in function and mood to suit the time of day and setting of choice.



Great Southern Rail


Adelaide, South Australia


65 sqm (per car)



Completion Date

November, 2016


Jordan Schumacher, Keith Dougal, Rosina Di Maria


Australian Interior Design Awards AIDA (2017) - Shortlisted, Hospitality

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