Elwood House

Brickwork and Concrete Soffits Reflect Local Melbourne Typology in this Apartment Complex

While modern in its design, Elwood House is still very much part of its historic neighborhood. The four-story development reflects the local grain and scale of its Melbourne precinct while simultaneously evolving this particular site into a more refined solution for the area. Drawing on the character of the local vernacular, the new multifamily complex transforms the typically low-scale residential language of the area.

In collaboration with Piccolo Developments, the entire construction contains 30 apartments, ranging in size from one to three bedrooms. Each unit is unique, designed as individual houses targeted at local tenants looking to downsize to a more compact residence.

This approach represents a fundamental shift in apartment typology planning, with each dwelling providing a specialized solution as opposed to the streamlined uniformity typical in unit development. The results provide an elevated living experience for the owners with consideration for both privacy and community.



A Sense of Space and Tactile Connection.

Further acknowledgement to the local landscape is present in the reimaging and modernisation of the building's brickwork, a material ubiquitous in the area. Concrete soffits are expressed to the balconies and internal living areas provide the occupant with a sense of space and a tactile connection with the building’s materiality. Upper level balconies introduce a layering of brick elements to incorporate planting, while deep openings allow light and natural ventilation to penetrate the floor plan. 


A Tailored Ambience.

Light is drawn into the lobby space via a large brick atrium stacked above a reflective pond. Again, this tranquil entry would be more typically found in a single dwelling as opposed to a multi-residential development, assisting with the overall scaled-down, tailored ambiance of the building. Apartment interiors were conceived in partnership by Hecker Guthrie and feature materials chosen to complement the raw aesthetic of the building, with joinery elements clad in either grey, stone or bronze. 



Piccolo Developments


Melbourne, Australia


1400 sq m



Completion Date

August 2017


Interior Design: Hecker Guthrie 

Landscapers: Tract Consultants 

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