Technical Project Architect – Job Captain

November 19, 2019

Woods Bagot North America is seeking to identify an experienced Job Captain to join our team.

About You

The Senior Technical Project Architect will contribute to the vision and objectives of Woods Bagot and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of project requirements.

You will be able to demonstrate:

  • Maintain regular/day-to-day contact with the client during the project and after handover.
  • Liaise constantly with the Studio Management Stream on the status of current and future resource requirements.
  • In conjunction with the Project Principal/ Studio Manager, plan the project from a financial and strategic viewpoint, and monitor performance against that plan. Take immediate action when adverse variation occurs.
  • Report regularly to the Project Principal/ Studio Manager on project performances against the strategic, financial and time planning requirements, on any necessary corrective action needed or on action taken.
  • In conjunction with the Project Principal/ Studio Manager, produce a project plan and implement the plan through all design stages.
  • Monitor the performance of the project design against the requirements of the appropriate statutory authorities.
  • Advise the Project Principal/ Studio Manager immediately upon becoming aware of any circumstances that could lead to a claim for non-performance or negligence against Woods Bagot.

About the Role

Woods Bagot is expanding its Los Angeles practice and seeking a Senior Project Architect is to ensure efficient day to day management of projects. The Project Architect takes responsibility within and outside the Studio for the management of a project, including the management of staff, consultants and other resources involved in the project.

 Key Responsibilities:

  • Drive innovation in the technical project design and delivery at all levels of project implementation
  • Self-starter and trusted advisor to our teams, partners and clients
  • Ensure that the project is managed effectively and with foresight and to maximize profit within the context of other responsibilities.
  • Ensure that the project is conducted in a way which impresses people both outside and within Woods Bagot with our professionalism and skill, and which is consistent with Woods Bagot’s objectives and Business Plan.
  • Ensure that all project risks are identified and mitigated in coordination with Woods Bagot management.
  • Interested in a career path in a growing and evolving studio
  • Dedicated team player with a good work ethic and positive attitude

About Us

Woods Bagot is a leading global design studio that is committed to innovative solutions. Across our network of studios in Australia, Asia, Middle East, North America and Europe we operate in a collaborative and open environment where our global studio environment, ideas, teamwork and research allow us to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients.

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