Project Accountant

May 30, 2019

Job Highlights

  • Supporting the Studio Leadership and staff on all finance matters and ensuring all financial requests for
    information are delivered within the required time frame to the standard expected.
  • Requesting further information/clarification on any requests that may be conflicting or may not be able to be met
    within the given time frame in order to effectively priorities tasks
  • Ensure that all staff submit their timesheets.
  • Prepare for Pre-WIP reviews.
  • Revenue to date, effort to date, forecast effort and revenue for the month, actual effort for the month – this generates write up/off for the month, PTD and FAC.
  • Download the detailed project charges and tabulate the spend by person for each project and compare it to the forecast spend for the month.
  • BST is updated with future revenue ( Master Project Forecaster)
  • Sales pipeline is reviewed for committed revenue ( with internal pipeline)
  • The Bids and opportunities (from sales pipeline) are discussed with marketing staff. Bids lost are taken out and for new bids, the budget and fees are updated in BST.
  • The Master Project Forecaster is also updated for the future forecast on bids submitted.
  • Payroll forecaster is updated (by discussion with P&C manager) – new joiners are added, resignations/restructured employees taken off and increments/adjustments put through. Based on this, the payroll for next 3 months is forecasted.
  • After month end, all timesheets are filled in ( i.e. last week of the month). This information is collated in the Pre-WIP file and if the estimates is as discussed in the pre-WIP meeting, revenue take up (as agreed during the pre-WIP) is finalized.
  • If there are notable differences in the time spent vs discussed at Pre-WIPs, this is then discussed with the PM and Studio Chair. Based on discussions, the revenue figure is adjusted /updated.
  • The final revenue figures are updated in BST (using percentage complete module).
  • Post Accruals, depreciation, prepayment journals, review doubtful debts provision at month end close.
  • Quarterly review is done on specific doubtful debts. A specific provision (utilized against the general provision) is


  • Be proactive, collaborative and have problem solving skills
  • Ability to prioritize tasks & manage time effectively
  • Attention to detail with rigorous follow up
  • Team player but also

Work Experience

  • Previous experience in a similar role with a professional services film.
  • At least 5 years accounting experiences
  • Experiences in using accounting software.
  • Strong understanding of accounting, invoicing & billing procedures.
  • Experiences in project accounting and project management.
  • Intermediate to advance excel and work skills.


  • Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Science required
  • Certified CPA/CMA desirable

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