Orlando City Stadium, Orlando, Florida, USA

Urban jewel box for stadium brought to life by raucous supporters

Designed for Orlando City Soccer Club’s urban site, this stadium is a very urban form that responds to the tight city grid. The lines are crisp and rectilinear, creating a translucent white “jewel box” with the bold colors of Orlando City (purple) glowing through a louvered skin. The design communicates a contemporary Florida vibe but also boasts the tight urban enclosure that can be seen in many of the historic English Premier League venues.

While the canopy serves primarily to protect spectators from the rain, sun, and elements of Florida weather, it also has the purpose of creating intimacy and enhanced acoustics, making one of the most raucous stadiums in Major League Soccer, led by Orlando City’s supporter groups.

As such, this would be an exceptionally loud stadium and, given the depth of the canopy, would have an intimacy far beyond that which one would expect for its size.

Location: Orlando, Florida
Area: 340,000ft2
Approx value: USD 100million
Status: Design
Completion date: 2016
Client: Orlando City Soccer Club
Collaborative partners: Buro Happold